I’m just gonna selfie boost because I never wear skirts in case some midget would get the wrong idea. Ok, everyone is a midget compared to me. Also I’m getting more creative with my outfits now that I have my clothes in one place now.
It’s raining like mad in here.

Moosequeen like main tempest babe on gw2. But since PoF, I’ve been getting more into playing tanky mirage. I does not likey the new elementalist spec since I haven’t came up with a way of being a better ninja glasscanon as weaver. With all the zerk gear but weaver traits I just turn into paper basically lol.
Oh, and I’m not a vegetarian anymore (Dead animals taste so good<333).


Shopping with mum

I went shopping with mum yesterday and found some pretty nice stuff at H&Ms sale section and also a maxi skirt at a thrift store.
20150716_114254 20150716_115943 20150716_121537
True match concealer in the shade Ivory from Loreal, not on sale though. But holy crap this concealer is AMAZING. It blends easy, covers dark circles really well and it’s really lightweight. I highly recommend this in the shade Ivory for all the pale ghosts out there!
I’ve always wanted to try China glaze, and these were only 3,5 $ each. “Avalanche” and “Charmed, I’m sure”. Yes, they are just as good as everyone says 😀

This ONE thin coat of the colour Avalanche, It’s just wow.

‘Ello (͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)

Summer here in Sweden is so stereotypical. Very cozy though, it’s raining almost every week.
Our watertank at home is broken aaaand we have no water. I’m home alone and luckily I had a petbottle of water in my room, enough to make a cup of coffee. I should gather some rain in a bucket to drink, lol. Oh, and apperantly there was a big fox outside my window this morning.
20150625_131117 20150625_131453
Bought this skirt yesterday at a thriftshop, it’s originally from Vero Moda.


I used my new sewing machine for the first time some days ago. I test-sewed a pleated skirt but the only fabric I had was to heavy, so the pleats did not look so good and I made it to big. But it was just a test so whatever :–) I mainly sewed in some clothes and fixed some broken ones, this shirt I found in a thrift shop a while ago for example:
To cold to wear this outfit outside though ):