I haven’t mentioned in my blog that I’ve been admitted to an electricity education in Sundsvall. It’s distance studies, but I will ofcourse need to go there to have labs and tests. I’m so excited, for once it feels like i’m actually getting somewhere in life.

I was going to buy some jeans today, but I have that disgusting time of the month again so I’m not really feeling it right now lol.
I recently bought a new mascara, the waterproof “False lash effect” from Max Factor. I find it easy to apply as it has a plastic chubby brush with short “spikes”. It definitly dosen’t clump if you’re not applying a 3478394 layers, and that comes from someone who gets shaky paranoid as hell when she’s putting on mascara because I despise the clumpy look. Also, waterproof mascara is better than non-waterproof if you want the volume to stay : D
false lash mascara
*staring deep into my steam library*