Hentai bomb

Deviantart is full of children and keeps removing my artwork because they count it as pornography, it’s hentai you pussies. The mature content label has been proven to be as useful as a tumour.
So I’m just gonna spam some old and new hentai I’ve done, and continue to use my blog as a platform for my uncensored art.

IMG_20160705_142728My favorite norn story character Eir <3<3
My favorite Akame Ga kill characters Esdeath and Akame (I censored this because I posted it on instagram and I’m to lazy to take a new pic of it)20160804_132646

13687281_562615617255213_427055214_nMavis from Hotel transylvania
Princess bubblegum and Marceline from Adventure timeIMG_20160704_132138Ariel and a kawaii desu fish. (this was among the first drawings I had deleted on deviantart, apparently this is very triggering)


This scent oil diffuser has made me kind of addicted. I have so many scent oils, melon, Icecream&cookies, lavender, summerfruits, cozy christmas etc. I’m tempted to light the christmas one, but I’m gonna BE STRONG AND INDEPENDENT and wait until december.
And this is what I do these days, study and drink coffee (you are not a true swede if you dont drink coffee all the time and has owned a Dalahäst atleast once in your lifetime)
For the love of dragons, this wasn’t on purpose. Must have been the illuminati or something, i mean loook at the shape of the wings??? Triangular, like illuminati nachos, the end is near??

Glossybox of september

Glossybox is a swedish subscription were you can get sample-sized products but also fullsized ones. This month’s contained a sample sized Roller lash mascara from benefit, a fullsized organic and ecological lip balm from Naked lips (dont google naked lips only if you want to look it up hehe), a fullsized blush called “Lush” From Make up store, a soap sample, a antiaging cream sample, caviar pearls for the nails from Glam of Sweden and Coconut water.
All products were amazing, haven’t tried the caviar pearls because it seems so messy and the antiaging cream because…well…I’m still just 19, i mean come on lol. I dont like the blush that much, but that’s because I dont like blush overall, I think it looks pretty weird. Most people I see apply it under their cheekbones and I just dont get it? That’s not were you are blushing naturally, so it just looks like a bruise. The lip balm was also great, smelled lovley and had a “metallic” finish. The coconut water tasted like coconut water, gotta pump those potasium levels y’now. The best thing in this box was the roller lash mascara, like holy shit. When I get a job, I’ll have a whole army of roller lash mascaras because it’s so good.


I haven’t mentioned in my blog that I’ve been admitted to an electricity education in Sundsvall. It’s distance studies, but I will ofcourse need to go there to have labs and tests. I’m so excited, for once it feels like i’m actually getting somewhere in life.

I was going to buy some jeans today, but I have that disgusting time of the month again so I’m not really feeling it right now lol.
I recently bought a new mascara, the waterproof “False lash effect” from Max Factor. I find it easy to apply as it has a plastic chubby brush with short “spikes”. It definitly dosen’t clump if you’re not applying a 3478394 layers, and that comes from someone who gets shaky paranoid as hell when she’s putting on mascara because I despise the clumpy look. Also, waterproof mascara is better than non-waterproof if you want the volume to stay : D
false lash mascara
*staring deep into my steam library*

It’s friday friday

I completely forgot that that song existed. I had no idea that Rebecca Black was about 14 when she made that song, I think she looked alot older.
I’ve realised that I feel really uncomfortable in skirts and dresses, atleast those circle-skirt/dresses kinds. So I bought these really nice pants at H&M’s men’s section. (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)👌
Also, the fox that was right outside my window about a month ago(?) was on my balcony, eating the leftovers from the wildcat that we feed. I’ve named him  Genitails (Genitals+Tails). 
I also tried out a lipliner from H&M’s new makeup. This is in the colour “Savior faire”. It’s 100% christmas red. Also, look at that dirty hair like ew.


I’ve got a cold. And I only get sick every other year or once a year so i’m probably gonna be extra grateful/happy when i’m well again. Couldn’t sleep ANYTHING yesterday because of it, I can’t sleep today either because I have a fever and I’m shiny as a diamond of sweat and hot as hell ;)) Luckily I took some small naps yesterday in the evening. The best thing about being sick though is that mum sometimes buy me stuff/snacks (let’s pray to beelzebub that my tastebuds stays).

Anyway, I just made some hot water and flavoured it with different spices: Ginger ofcourse, cinnamon, lemon and peppermint. It was actually kind of yummy, remínded me a bit of gingerbread/chai tea : D

20150819_124853 20150824_191940
I’ve had so much tea today that I’ve lost count.

I’m not complaining on my view..

No, I never forget you sexy blog <3

Almost forgot about my lovley little blog, I will probably be posting some stuff next week. I’ve been all into playing weird Sims 3 mods (And I’ve actually played it without getting tired of it right after the character creation), I haven’t even played Gw2 in a while D:
I actually bought Sims 3 and Sims 3 pets keys for origin on ebay because it was about twice as cheap as if you’d buy it from a “real” store: Base gamePets expansion
Oh and also this site has some really “necessary” mods for sims 3 http://nraas.wikispaces.com/ and as for the visual stuff: http://www.thesimsresource.com/ is yo friend.
So here’s some cat gifs of my boyfriends cat HEHE.

curry “wuts goin on, can i hav food”curry2 curry3