(I stole the first picture from my sistaahs facebook, hehe)
I made cupcats for my sister and her minime because I’m a grown up now and everyone who visit me shall be given homemade sweets and coffee.
My niece fell completely inlove with my boyfriends cat (notice how they are gazing at eachother).



New apartment

I moved into a new apartment with my soulmate. I also got plenty of stuff from my sister, one of the things was that f*cking fantastic planet-looking lamp that I’ve been wanting to have for years.








I stopped blogging a year ago because idk, I thought instagram could replace the blog-thing? My life is not that worth blogging about because all I do is basically play games, draw and avoid people LOL. But I want somewhere to post my art were it’s not being removed  so I might as well shitpost and rant about stuff.
Since last year I’ve quit my electrician education because it was nothing that interested me. I’m now going to fix my final grade because I skipped high school alot and then I’m planning to study to become a criminologist (that contrast lol). Sweden need more none-leftist-ideological people within our justice system.

Also I cut of my hair and bleached the living shit out of it a month ago or so. I do miss my long black hair sometimes, but hey it’s just a protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis and I still have lots of years left to produce some more  凸(`д´)凸