I’ve got a cold. And I only get sick every other year or once a year so i’m probably gonna be extra grateful/happy when i’m well again. Couldn’t sleep ANYTHING yesterday because of it, I can’t sleep today either because I have a fever and I’m shiny as a diamond of sweat and hot as hell ;)) Luckily I took some small naps yesterday in the evening. The best thing about being sick though is that mum sometimes buy me stuff/snacks (let’s pray to beelzebub that my tastebuds stays).

Anyway, I just made some hot water and flavoured it with different spices: Ginger ofcourse, cinnamon, lemon and peppermint. It was actually kind of yummy, remínded me a bit of gingerbread/chai tea : D

20150819_124853 20150824_191940
I’ve had so much tea today that I’ve lost count.

I’m not complaining on my view..