Can we just take a second and admire my massive wrists that the bodybuilding gods has given me. It’s so hard gaining weight, lol.
Anyway, here’s the first selfies ever taken in the new bathroom. It’s smaller than the one we had before, but hey we only need it to take shits and store all my moisturizers in.  (◕‿◕✿)

Drinking coffee in the bathroom as usual, the best thing about not living with your parents anymore (◕‿◕✿)



I’m just gonna selfie boost because I never wear skirts in case some midget would get the wrong idea. Ok, everyone is a midget compared to me. Also I’m getting more creative with my outfits now that I have my clothes in one place now.
It’s raining like mad in here.

Moosequeen like main tempest babe on gw2. But since PoF, I’ve been getting more into playing tanky mirage. I does not likey the new elementalist spec since I haven’t came up with a way of being a better ninja glasscanon as weaver. With all the zerk gear but weaver traits I just turn into paper basically lol.
Oh, and I’m not a vegetarian anymore (Dead animals taste so good<333).


I stopped blogging a year ago because idk, I thought instagram could replace the blog-thing? My life is not that worth blogging about because all I do is basically play games, draw and avoid people LOL. But I want somewhere to post my art were it’s not being removed  so I might as well shitpost and rant about stuff.
Since last year I’ve quit my electrician education because it was nothing that interested me. I’m now going to fix my final grade because I skipped high school alot and then I’m planning to study to become a criminologist (that contrast lol). Sweden need more none-leftist-ideological people within our justice system.

Also I cut of my hair and bleached the living shit out of it a month ago or so. I do miss my long black hair sometimes, but hey it’s just a protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis and I still have lots of years left to produce some more  凸(`д´)凸


It’s friday friday

I completely forgot that that song existed. I had no idea that Rebecca Black was about 14 when she made that song, I think she looked alot older.
I’ve realised that I feel really uncomfortable in skirts and dresses, atleast those circle-skirt/dresses kinds. So I bought these really nice pants at H&M’s men’s section. (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)👌
Also, the fox that was right outside my window about a month ago(?) was on my balcony, eating the leftovers from the wildcat that we feed. I’ve named him  Genitails (Genitals+Tails). 
I also tried out a lipliner from H&M’s new makeup. This is in the colour “Savior faire”. It’s 100% christmas red. Also, look at that dirty hair like ew.


I’ve got a cold. And I only get sick every other year or once a year so i’m probably gonna be extra grateful/happy when i’m well again. Couldn’t sleep ANYTHING yesterday because of it, I can’t sleep today either because I have a fever and I’m shiny as a diamond of sweat and hot as hell ;)) Luckily I took some small naps yesterday in the evening. The best thing about being sick though is that mum sometimes buy me stuff/snacks (let’s pray to beelzebub that my tastebuds stays).

Anyway, I just made some hot water and flavoured it with different spices: Ginger ofcourse, cinnamon, lemon and peppermint. It was actually kind of yummy, remínded me a bit of gingerbread/chai tea : D

20150819_124853 20150824_191940
I’ve had so much tea today that I’ve lost count.

I’m not complaining on my view..


I bought some stuff on sale at the mall in Valbo yesterday. I’m a sucker for awesome cups so I bought a few. Feels like I blog to much on stuff I buy lol.
Using coconut oil in the hair as a conditioner makes it soft as a babybutt btw, but it’s really hard to rinse it all out if you take to much :–(
20150722_145357 20150722_191714 20150722_191726 20150722_191804
Cant help but feeling a bit badass when drinking out of this.
20150722_191832 20150722_192004

This squishie is from ebay though. How can I resist a keychain that is half mushroom and half cat??

Shopping with mum

I went shopping with mum yesterday and found some pretty nice stuff at H&Ms sale section and also a maxi skirt at a thrift store.
20150716_114254 20150716_115943 20150716_121537
True match concealer in the shade Ivory from Loreal, not on sale though. But holy crap this concealer is AMAZING. It blends easy, covers dark circles really well and it’s really lightweight. I highly recommend this in the shade Ivory for all the pale ghosts out there!
I’ve always wanted to try China glaze, and these were only 3,5 $ each. “Avalanche” and “Charmed, I’m sure”. Yes, they are just as good as everyone says 😀

This ONE thin coat of the colour Avalanche, It’s just wow.