New hurr color

I dyed all my blonde hair with a blue black boxdye, except the ends. It literally came out red/purple , luckily I had an old black colormask from kc professional laying around. It definitly got darker but there is still some purple and reddish tones. Either way, I love it 😀




I stopped blogging a year ago because idk, I thought instagram could replace the blog-thing? My life is not that worth blogging about because all I do is basically play games, draw and avoid people LOL. But I want somewhere to post my art were it’s not being removed  so I might as well shitpost and rant about stuff.
Since last year I’ve quit my electrician education because it was nothing that interested me. I’m now going to fix my final grade because I skipped high school alot and then I’m planning to study to become a criminologist (that contrast lol). Sweden need more none-leftist-ideological people within our justice system.

Also I cut of my hair and bleached the living shit out of it a month ago or so. I do miss my long black hair sometimes, but hey it’s just a protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis and I still have lots of years left to produce some more  凸(`д´)凸



Oooups, I have straight bangs again. My bang-cutting skills have improved alot, because this time I actually like it! Just as my eyebrows reached lvl 85 I got the bangs-impulse lol.

Oh, and I’ve popped in my 28mm ear gauge, hi mum are u proud of me :–)))

My sweet tooth is kind of taking over my life. Not hard to tell what my favorite scent is here eh? I bought the “I love… Banana spilt” and “Mint chocolate chip” at primark in London. I so regret not buying a thousand of them, they smell amazing and I’ve never found any scented stuff like these ): I’d love to have a banana perfume btw, I love the smell(and taste) of artificial sweet banana. ❤
20150519_200934 20150519_200820
LOL, I bet you were expecting to see my junk. Hate showing off my bare legs though, they have alot of scars which luckily dosen’t show in the picture!