I’m just gonna selfie boost because I never wear skirts in case some midget would get the wrong idea. Ok, everyone is a midget compared to me. Also I’m getting more creative with my outfits now that I have my clothes in one place now.
It’s raining like mad in here.

Moosequeen like main tempest babe on gw2. But since PoF, I’ve been getting more into playing tanky mirage. I does not likey the new elementalist spec since I haven’t came up with a way of being a better ninja glasscanon as weaver. With all the zerk gear but weaver traits I just turn into paper basically lol.
Oh, and I’m not a vegetarian anymore (Dead animals taste so good<333).


No, I never forget you sexy blog <3

Almost forgot about my lovley little blog, I will probably be posting some stuff next week. I’ve been all into playing weird Sims 3 mods (And I’ve actually played it without getting tired of it right after the character creation), I haven’t even played Gw2 in a while D:
I actually bought Sims 3 and Sims 3 pets keys for origin on ebay because it was about twice as cheap as if you’d buy it from a “real” store: Base gamePets expansion
Oh and also this site has some really “necessary” mods for sims 3 and as for the visual stuff: is yo friend.
So here’s some cat gifs of my boyfriends cat HEHE.

curry “wuts goin on, can i hav food”curry2 curry3