Baking yoyo

I’m baking some meringues that’s going to become ghosts and some halloween cookies that i’m going to put some icing decorations on them later. Because me and babe are going to have a spooky halloween party this weekend and I want to make sure our guests walk away with diabetes.



I used my new sewing machine for the first time some days ago. I test-sewed a pleated skirt but the only fabric I had was to heavy, so the pleats did not look so good and I made it to big. But it was just a test so whatever :–) I mainly sewed in some clothes and fixed some broken ones, this shirt I found in a thrift shop a while ago for example:
To cold to wear this outfit outside though ):

DIY Addams-dress

I absolutely love peter pan collar dresses and shirts, I’ve had one from H&M that I sold to a girl recently because it was to short for my tall body. I’ve been planning on sewing one for a while now, yesterday was the perfect time to do it since it was raining and the atmosphere was just to cozy to not do some crafting and I had braided my hair, so why not go all in?

These are some clothes I’ve bought from a thrift shop. I haven’t used the turtleneck sweater for a while and the shirt is to big for me. So I decided to turn it into a fabulous Peter pan collar-dress thingie. Now this is not exactly a tutorial, but im gonna show you how I did c:  

Here’s the shirt.
Here’s my long turtleneck sweater
I cut of the collar on the shirt
Simply just sew it onto the turtleneck, not all the way to the buttons.
Finished (This is my satisfied face lol)
I will have to make some adjustments though. I mean, it’s a stretchy turtleneck and the collar is not stretchy, so it could easily break. When I get a place to put my sewingmachine im going to attach a zipper in the back across the collar so that I can “fully” sew the collar on