DIY Addams-dress

I absolutely love peter pan collar dresses and shirts, I’ve had one from H&M that I sold to a girl recently because it was to short for my tall body. I’ve been planning on sewing one for a while now, yesterday was the perfect time to do it since it was raining and the atmosphere was just to cozy to not do some crafting and I had braided my hair, so why not go all in?

These are some clothes I’ve bought from a thrift shop. I haven’t used the turtleneck sweater for a while and the shirt is to big for me. So I decided to turn it into a fabulous Peter pan collar-dress thingie. Now this is not exactly a tutorial, but im gonna show you how I did c:  

Here’s the shirt.
Here’s my long turtleneck sweater
I cut of the collar on the shirt
Simply just sew it onto the turtleneck, not all the way to the buttons.
Finished (This is my satisfied face lol)
I will have to make some adjustments though. I mean, it’s a stretchy turtleneck and the collar is not stretchy, so it could easily break. When I get a place to put my sewingmachine im going to attach a zipper in the back across the collar so that I can “fully” sew the collar on