Glossybox of september

Glossybox is a swedish subscription were you can get sample-sized products but also fullsized ones. This month’s contained a sample sized Roller lash mascara from benefit, a fullsized organic and ecological lip balm from Naked lips (dont google naked lips only if you want to look it up hehe), a fullsized blush called “Lush” From Make up store, a soap sample, a antiaging cream sample, caviar pearls for the nails from Glam of Sweden and Coconut water.
All products were amazing, haven’t tried the caviar pearls because it seems so messy and the antiaging cream because…well…I’m still just 19, i mean come on lol. I dont like the blush that much, but that’s because I dont like blush overall, I think it looks pretty weird. Most people I see apply it under their cheekbones and I just dont get it? That’s not were you are blushing naturally, so it just looks like a bruise. The lip balm was also great, smelled lovley and had a “metallic” finish. The coconut water tasted like coconut water, gotta pump those potasium levels y’now. The best thing in this box was the roller lash mascara, like holy shit. When I get a job, I’ll have a whole army of roller lash mascaras because it’s so good.


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