Chocolate balls!

I forgot to make a post on Swedens national holiday which is the 6th June. So here’s a recipe to celebrate, just one of the two famous swedish balls. Here in Sweden, we LOVE balls 😉

The size of the balls are up to you, I like to make them about 1,5 inches in diameter. But you might as well just make one huge ball because they are so delicious.

  • 100 g butter or margarine (room temperature)
  • 1 dl sugar
  • 1 tbs vanillia sugar
  • 3 tbs  cacao
  • 3 dl oats
  • 3 tbs of cold coffee
  • pearl sugar or coconut flakes to roll them in (traditionally, but you can use anything “crushed” like nuts or sprinkles to) 

1. Mix all the ingredients except for the pearl sugar/coconut flakes.
2. Shape the mixture into balls and roll them into the sugar/coconut flakes
3. Let them sit in the refridgerator for about an hour (this is optional, but they taste so much better when they are cold)
We had some suiting napkins at home. It could only get more Swedish by mixing some moose, IKEA furniture, Dalecarlian horses, Kalles Caviar, sanwich cake and viking helmets in. Not as tasty though!


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