Tired of stfu (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I recently shared a article on facebook were I criticized it, as gently as I could. The article was about how men would “never” be able to be scared when walking outside because they are not victims and they will never understand. She also repeatedly said that “All women feels this way.”
I said that she had double standards because she dosen’t know how they feel and that I and no women in my family felt that way. So once again, feminism is just assuming things. (Males are more likely to get abused/murdered outside, women are more likely to be sexually abused in their homes here in Sweden).
Apperantly that was enough for 2 “friends” to remove me on facebook, just because I shared my opinion. I think me if anyone should have the right to do that without anyone discriminating me for not having feminist beliefs? If people can’t be open minded about this, it will just become more and more like a religion or a cult.

I might share more specific thoughts on this subject on my blog in the future.


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