Cannabis oil Epilepsy

I just read an article about a mother whos daughter has epilepsy, the story is very touching. The mother has tried everything, all the legal medicines Sweden has to offer, but nothing seems to work against her daugthers epilepsy (The medicines also gives the daughter horrible side effects). After many years of batteling with the epilepsy, the mother does some research on the internet. Cannabis oil is well known to work wonders against epilepsy and it dosen’t make one high. The mother tries it as a last resort and it works, until they run out of the oil. During the time they wait for more money to buy more oil, the daugthers epilepsy comes back and they go to the hospital where the mother does the “mistake” telling them that she has been giving her daughter cannabis oil. Cannabis is illegal here in Sweden so yeah. This is the first case that I’ve seen here in Sweden btw.

Original article (In swedish):

Sign here to help the mother gather names:


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