Silly busdriver

The old man that drives my bus that I take when Im going into town almost drove by me again, and then he was so distracted by a conversation with a old woman so he didin’t even stop the bus when the passengers pushed the stop buttons. So annoying and unprofessional. I missed my stop thanks to that, and I was just going to do some grocery. Luckily mum called and picked me up, otherwise I would have had to walk 30min or wait 40min for the next bus. THANKS ALOT X-TRAFIK YOU DUMB C*NTS.

At the store, there was a english speaking kid. And as we all know, kids are pretty straight forward. She said to her mum “Look, she is so beautiful and skinny!” (not sure if she knew I could speak english)
At first I was happy, but a second later I felt like a bad role model or something. I know I shouldn’t feel that way, it’s not my duty to satisfy anyone. Ofcourse she just meant well, but she subconsciously connected beauty to skinny. I wanted to just sit down with her and tell her that you’re not automatically beautiful if you are skinny, nobody should tell whether you’re beautiful or not, in fact she dosen’t need to look “perfect” to be good enough for this world and that my kind of skinny is not achievable unless you go through hell first. She will probably grow up with alot more body-positive social media though! :–)

Today’s outfit, Sweden’s climates are insane. Not just the weather, the politics to lol. I’ll save that for another post.
2 pair of leggings, a thick scarf and a winterjacket was obviously to sweaty. I hope the smell penetrated the nose of the people I walked by and ruined their day.



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