Ombre nails!

This is a halfassed tutorial on how to do ombre nails, Im no nail expert but this is so easy anyone could do this! The only things you’ll need is as many different nailpolish colours you like, a sponge, something to mix the nailpolishes on (ex: a plastic lid)  and a top coat!

1. Paint your nails and let them dry.
2. Take the same colour you just painted your nails with and pop some on the lid or whatever you’re using.
3. Take the other colour and pop it right next to the other colour.
4. Take your sponge and pat it on the colours.
5. Pat that shit on the nails, it will do the magic for you.

You will probably have to add some more nailpolish if you’re going to do all the nails.
I used Isadora Vintage Gold and Maybelline Color show Blackout

20150417_141757This is what it looks like after I’ve given it some taps with the sponge.

20150417_141837And here’s how Mr Sponge should look like
The finished result, looks kind of saggy but i’ve been trying on different nail stuff today and removed it several times + im a n00b. But it looks amazing irl!


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