Dad called me yesterday and asked me what phone I wanted, a pleasant surprise. My iphone was going nuts, just like my previous iphones (Iphones sucks). I said I wanted the cheapest one with a front facing camera. He gave me a Samsung Galaxy ace 4. And oh my satans dick diseases, this is litterally my dream phone. The camera takes such detailed photos and the phone is so damn fast. Sadly I’ll have to start over on level 1 on Candycrush. I reached Level 170 on my iphone 😦

Anyways, I took some different photos to show you guys how amazing it is.

20150415_022153 Taken in a dark room on a paper with a random doodle.

20150415_114835 Inside in daylight.
20150415_131747  Outside in direct sunlight.

20150415_171345 Look at those details! In memory of this beautiful donut, not as delicious though.

20150415_172321  Extremely sharp pictures ❤ Havredryck is Oatdrink in swedish btw.


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