Simple hummus recipe!

So uhm. I’ve always wanted to blog in english so that not only swedes can read about my super interesting life, ok it’s not so interesting really. I basically just eat, sleep and shit (and do arts, crafting, cooking vegetarian/vegan foods, gaming and second hand shopping…). Im not going to write some introduction about myself because im just way to lazy.
ANYWAY! Im going to inaugurate my new blog with my simplest, vegan and most delicious hummus recipe.

Here’s what you need:

❤(240 grams soaked)1 can of chickpeas (If you’re a lazy f*ck like me)

❤Some tablespoons of vegan Yoghurt to smooth the mixture out (I use oat yoghurt)

❤ One garlic clove or some garlic powder

❤ Optional: Some salt or herb salt

IMG_6826 IMG_6827 STEP 1: Mix everything togheter (rinse the chickpeas if using canned ones)



STEP 2: Behold this mixture of pale pooplooking hummus.

STEP 3: Put it in a nice jar, I only have boring ones. Oh well.

You can eat this on a sandwich, use it as dipp or just use it as a protein source in a meal (my favoriteway to use it)


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